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Increase the value of your Brisbane or Sunshine coast home with outdoor space and patio panels

If you want to increase your Brisbane home’s value or add functional space, and outdoor kitchen or living room is the perfect way to do it. Are you constantly reminding your children to get up off the sofa away from the television and go outdoors? Health professionals recognise the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and connecting with nature on the Sunshine Coast. What better way to give our family constant access than by creating an outdoor space where they’ll want to spend time? Boosting the value of your home is an added benefit.

If you have a cement patio or an existing deck, you can add to this. Features like an outdoor kitchen and built in barbeque are appealing to would-be home buyers, or can make your home the place to be. There are scores of flooring and lighting choices as well as outdoor appliances and furniture. You can add water features like ponds and waterfalls or luscious gardens that add to the ambience. Cover all or part of your outdoor rooms with patio panels. Brisbane is the perfect place for an outdoor addition. It can be great if you’re thinking of selling because it can add to the price, but you may just find once you’re finished, that you’d rather stay put and enjoy the great outdoors.

Plan Your Space so it Makes Sense

There are some things you should consider while planning your outdoor living space in Brisbane. Stay consistent with your home’s colour scheme and style so the two areas don’t clash. Going outside should feel like an extension of your home, not an entirely different area. If you stick to neutral colours and designs for countertops, patios, and furniture, it’s easier to change things up later. You can add colours with plants, flowers, pots, pillows, and other accessories.

Survey your yard and take existing plants, trees, and scenery into account. If you have a great view on the Sunshine Coast, don’t obstruct it with a wall. Place furniture so it overlooks your garden rather than facing the back of your house. Don’t put a patio where a large tree will grow bigger and overtake it. Consider where the sun sits in the sky during the time of day you’ll be outside, and use this information to place patio panels for optimal shade strategically. Paying attention to your yard’s current features will help you design a space that won’t be a headache later.

Use patio panels in Brisbane to cover your outdoor space

Kool Panels has been the choice for patio panels on the Sunshine Coast for ten years. We offer low cost patio panels for even the most discriminatory budgets. We carry standard sizes in stock, but if you need other sizes let us know. We can arrange custom orders and make panels that fit the specifications your new outdoor space requires. You can submit a quote request online, or give us a call and we can discuss your needs. We’d love to help you get started improving the value of your home with an outdoor room and increasing the quality of your life by spending more time outdoors.

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