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Build a terrific outdoor patio for an affordable price, with low cost insulated roof panels in sunshine coast

Do you want to spend more of your time outside in the summer? For many Australians, maximising time outdoors is a dream. The problem is that temperatures get so hot in the summer—and the sun gets so intense—that many patio areas are rendered virtually unusable for many hours of the day. A patio only does you so much good if you can only use it on cloudy days or after the sun starts to go down. You can build a roof or shade cover over your patio, but what if you don’t have the cash in your budget for that kind of investment?

Trust kool panels to provide low cost insulated roof panels in sunshine coast

When you work with Kool Panels, you don’t have to invest an arm and a leg to build a roof over your outdoor patio area. We offer low cost roof panels in Sunshine Coast, with the goal of helping our customers get more use and enjoyment out of their outdoor seating areas. Whether you want a place to entertain guests, sip coffee and read the paper in the late morning, or eat dinner and enjoy the summer weather, a covered patio can give you the freedom to do so.

Our roof panels are also insulated, which means they won’t absorb the heat of the beating sun all day and then continue to radiate heat for hours after the sun is gone. One of the big problems with some patio roof panels—particularly most of the low-cost options on the market—is that they get hot and stay hot for a long time. While you’re probably buying a patio roof to keep your outdoor seating area cool, you can end up inadvertently heating your patio if you go for an uninsulated design.

To put it simply, the shade isn’t enough alone to provide a cool and comfortable outdoor seating area. On the contrary, what you need is an insulated roof—one that absorbs the heat but doesn’t radiate it. At Kool Panels, our low cost insulated roof panels fit that bill perfectly. By utilising a thick steel and a dense foam core, these panels provide shade from the sun but also stay cool, which allows you to enjoy a comfortable, temperate place to spend your time outside.

Improve Your Patio on a Budget with the Help of Kool Panels

If you want to get more use out of your outdoor seating area but are working on a tight budget, count on Kool Panels. We provide custom low cost insulated roof panels in Sunshine Coast. With us, it’s easy to build effective and attractive shading over your patio area for an affordable price. Trust us: you’ll be amazed at home much more often you use your outdoor seating area when you can count on it to be cool and comfortable.

Are you interested in customising a low cost insulated roof panel for your patio? Call Kool Panels on 0439 411 184 to get started today.

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