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Get custom insulated roof panels in sunshine coast when you buy from kool panels

You’ve been looking for a roofing panel for your patio area, but thanks to its unusual size or shape, you can’t seem to find any workable options. Most of the custom options you’ve found are too expensive, and you aren’t sure where to look next.

Luckily, Kool Panels has the answer. Our insulated roof panels in Sunshine Coast keep outdoor seating areas cool always. Best of all, we accept special orders on a regular basis, which means we can work with you to create the perfect design for your patio.

What to Expect from Our Special Orders

The Kool Panels brand name has been operating in Brisbane for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve become synonymous in the minds of many buyers with cool, low cost roof panels insulated in Sunshine Coast.

Part of the reason for our longevity and good reputation is that the roof panels we built are extremely heavy duty. We craft each roof panel from thick steel and high-density foam. This construction has two significant benefits. First, the combination of steel and dense foam means that our roofing panels insulate against heat and other elements. Second, our roof panels are exceptionally strong and can reach further spans (with fewer supports) than other types of roofing panels.

This robust strength gives us extra flexibility in the size and length of roof panels we produce, which helps with our special orders for insulated roofing panels in Sunshine Coast. Before you place a special order, be sure to check our standard sizing charts. Standard roof panel lengths range from 3200mm to 7300mm. In most cases, clients can find a workable size for their patio spaces within our standard size chart.

If you need a longer and larger patio roof panel, though, just get in touch with us about our special order options. We can source insulated roof panels in Sunshine Coast that are up to 11.8m (11800mm) in length). Do note that these longer roofing panels will take longer to ship. You should expect between six and eight weeks for delivery. You also may have to organise your own transport logistics, as we cannot deliver panels over eight metres to you directly. However, we can provide these special order components so that you can build the appropriate roof for your existing patio area.

Get in touch to learn more about our custom roof panels insulated in sunshine coast

If you have a large or irregularly shaped patio area, it can be difficult to shade it in a practical and aesthetically attractive way. Luckily, with the help of Kool Panels and our custom insulated roofing panels in Sunshine Coast, anything is possible. To learn more about our special order policies or our insulated roofing panel designs in general, contact us directly on 0439 411 184. You can also read addition information about our special orders by clicking here.

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